Short Film

Submit your short film before May 20, 2014 via Dropbox or WeTransfer Read more!





Conditions and Entry Form


-The second edition of La Guarimba Film Festival will be held from August 7th to August 14th of 2014.


-All short films of any nationality and language can participate. Those short films that are not in Italian, must be subtitled after they are selected (just for the screening, not for the selection). The Festival will help with the subtitles if the participants provide us an english or spanish subtitles file.

-All selected short films must be subtitled in Italian for the screening.

- All themes are allowed.

The maximum length for Short Films, Stop Motion and Documentaries will be 30 minutes (including credits).

-Only those films produced after January 1st of 2012 will be accepted.

-All formats will be accepted.

-There are no limits to the number of entries a filmmaker may enter, but these have to be subscribed separately.

-The subscription fee is 10 Euro.


-Materials will be received until May 20th of 2014. The Date of Issue will be considered.

-The subscription can be successfully done by sending the following materials:
         -Copy of DVD in PAL format, correctly identified (name of short film, name of director and email address).
         -A CD with the following information:
                  - Photocopy of the document of identification of the filmmaker in .pdf format.
                  -Completed Subscription Form (download here) in .pdf format.
                  -Synopsis of short film (in Spanish, Italian or English) in .pdf format.
                  -Three (3) still shots from the film in .jpg with 150 dpi
                  -One (1) picture of the filmmaker .jpg.
                  -Director's filmography in pdf. Format.
                 - Proof of subscription payment.

-The participants can send the screener and the documentation for free via Dropbox to The copies cannot exceed 2gb

-The participants can send the material via WeTransfer to

*All the Dropbox or WeTransfer files must be identified with the name of the short and the director.

-To make things easier, subscription payments can be done through PayPal:


-If participants prefer to sent their material through common mail, this should be correctly identified and sent to the following address:


AMANTEA (CS) 87032

-Any short films that do not meet the requirements will not be accepted.

-Delivery expenses for sending these materials to the Festival will be covered by the participants.

-20 films of Short Film category, 10 Documentaries, 15 Animation and Stop Motion films will be selected to be screened at the festival and will enter the contest.

-Once these short films are selected, participants will be contacted through their email accounts.

-Those short films that have been selected cannot leave the contest.

-The selected short films should be uploaded in good quality to our Dropbox account for their screening.

-The festival will not accept PenDrives and will not return any screener.

-The selected Italian filmmakers should attend the event or send a representative. Otherwise, their screening will be cancelled.

-All selected short films are committed to use the selection logo from La Guarimba Film Festival.


-The jury will include professionals from the filmmaking world, television, media and teaching.

-The judges decision will be irrevocable.

-The jury is committed to give away the following prizes:

Best Short Film Award (1000 euro+Trophy)

Best Director Award (Trophy)
Best Screenplay Award (Trophy)
Best Photography Award (Trophy)
Best Editing Award (Trophy)
Best Original Score Award (Trophy)
Best Art Direction (Trophy)
Best Sound Award (Trophy)
Best Actor Award (Trophy)
Best Actreess Award (Trophy)
Amantea's Fiction Choice Award (Trophy)

Best Documentary Award (500 euro+Trophy)

Best Director Award (Trophy)
Best Idea Award (Trophy)
Best Editing Award (Trophy)
Amantea's Documentary Choice Award (Trophy)

Best Stop Motion and Animated Short Film Award (1000 euro+Trophy)

Best Director Award (Trophy)
Best Screenplay Award (Trophy)
Best Photography Award (Trophy)
Best Editing Award (Trophy)
Best Original Score Award (Trophy)
Best Production Design (Trophy)
Best Sound Award (Trophy)
Best Animated Character (Trophy)
Amantea's Fiction Choice Award (Trophy)
Amantea's Animation Choice Award (Trophy)

-The prizes will be given away at La Guarimba Film Festival's closure.

- Award winners that are NOT present will have their award(s) shipped to them at the winner’s expense. They also can find it in the festival's office every time they want.


-All copies presented in this contest will not be returned and will be part of the contest archive and videolibrary. La Guarimba Film Festival is committed to exclusively use these copies for cultural purposes and never in a commercial way.


-Once they are subscribed, all participants fully accept our rules and regulations for participating, and also the resolutions adopted by the organizing committee about any aspect regarding the contest.

-Remember to read our Rules and Regulations

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